Inner Child

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On a subtle level within, we may not have outgrown our inner feeling of being a child and yet
on the physical level we have outgrown it. What we may not notice, as it is so subtle, that the
unpleasant circumstances, if any, have not been transcended as we have grown to be an adult.
Deep seated fears or lack of nourishment from parents or any of this sort of circumstances may
still be living within us and manifests itself at this moment as the same sense of lack or fear not
realizing that this may have been brewing within us since childhood.

Almost all of us have gone through some type of unpleasant circumstances early in our lives that we haven’t relinquished and continue to manifest as deep rotted issues at the present in some type of psychological pain we may be going through at this moment. It is difficult to blame others for this, including our parents or whoever caused this, as they were not conscious enough of what they may be doing to a child at a deep seated level.

The good news is that within us, all of us, we have an ability to transcend these fears or
psychological pain by aligning ourselves to the present moment, recognizing the fallacy of
hanging on to stories of the past that may have impacted our present circumstance. A deep self-observation when unpleasant thoughts and emotions arise and not identifying to this is the start of the freedom from said pains. Turning our attention within and cultivating an inner awareness of what may be brewing within is essential to liberation.

Taking moments of pause and stillness during our day can help a lot for the start of our journey
within, a journey that has no distance.

Suresh Mirchumal is a spiritual writer. “Well, you can categorize it like that, although I don’t call
myself one. These thoughts come in effortlessly.” His aim is in a way to reach out to whoever
gets inspired or has an eye opening event within them that may transcend their current state of
consciousness. “Or let’s say current emotional state too. If one in a thousand benefits, that is
already great.” Due to the current world state, lots of struggles and stresses, we seem to lose
touch with that inner peace that we long for, Suresh explains. “I wish to ease that through
these small articles or tidbits.” You will find his tidbits in Aruba Today from now on, like a
sunray of the day. If you wish to make use of Suresh his services like meditation or just a talk,
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