HOH and IMSAN sign a cooperation agreement

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On December 8, 2022, the Minister of Health, Horacio Oduber Hospital, ImSan and the AZV signed an MOU.

The Minister of Tourism and Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, stated that this was a historic moment, as it is the first time the HOH and ImSan will work so closely together.

Concerning the AZV, we should be proud to have such health insurance, as Aruba is one of the few in the world with such comprehensive medical coverage. Many large and developed countries do not have general health insurance like the AZV.

The minister also expressed concern about public health challenges, as Aruba does not have the healthiest community. There are too many people with chronic diseases, double aging, and the imposed AZV cut in the Country package (Landspakket).

In January 2021, they hired professor Joep Hubben and Professor Pieter Batenburg to investigate the efficiency, effectiveness, and financing of healthcare in Aruba.

The MOU helps improve health care and the quality of care in Aruba but is also consistent with the Land Package. With this agreement, the HOH and ImSan will work more efficiently while improving the level of care and keeping limited AZV resources sustainable.

Minister Dangui Oduber, Chairman of the Board, Drs. Jacco Vroegop, Director ImSan Drs. Joel Rajnherc and AZV Director Ir. Edwin Jacobs signed the MOU.

The minister is pleased with the professionalism and quality of care of the HOH and ImSan, and the MOU will improve it even more.

In January 2021, they established a national healthcare committee to come up with recommendations on how to meet the 60 million florins cut in healthcare. They created a roadmap on how and where to reform to ensure the sustainability of the AZV.

This MOU will ensure better cooperation between the two medical institutions, the specialists of both institutions, and the patients being treated for diabetes and undergoing dialysis. The two entities will jointly purchase drugs, systems, and equipment and improve cooperation between their IT systems.

Minister Oduber is grateful to Mr. Vroegop, Mr. Rajnherc, and Mr. Jacobs for their impressive efforts to achieve the MOU in the interest of public health.