Hilton’s newest Aruba-Orientated massage: Wander Off in a World of Relaxation

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Energy is vital to feeling good. We give it all every day again and we use every ounce energy until we drop and then we wonder; where is my fire? I feel so tired. When did this happen? I am sure everyone recognizes this, and it may have been your main reason to jump into that plane and travel to our One Happy Island. To unwind, relax, gain energy. To this escape you can now add a unique experience: Aloe Vera, Rum & Stone Massage at the Eforea Spa in the Hilton.

Ruth, a therapist, explains the secrets of this signature massage: “We use products from the island. The Aruban aloe gel is the purest concentration of aloe that is produced. Palmera rum is the second local product used in combination with steaming wraps on the back and on the feet. The steam evaporates the alcohol and leaves the sugar cane to serve as an exfoliant for the skin. Honey is used for moisturizing and softening the ski, as well as it takes away calluses. Agave nectar oil is used as a therapy oil for the massage.” This blend of powerful anti-aging ingredients is being strengthened by hot, black beach stones that give the body a sensational feeling. This is a journey you will not want to end. Ruth’s hands are extremely skilled while the different textures of the natural liquids take your body from one thrill to another. The chilled Aloe combined with the warm Palmera rum and the smooth Agave nectar feels like waking the skin, and then again takes it into the relaxing mood. It is indeed a complete sensation.

A Memory to Keep
Eforea Spa is a getaway you deserve and the array of different treatments is like a painter’s palette where you choose your color. The indigenous journey of the aloe vera, rum and stone massage is a memory to keep from Aruba. You will take this out-of-the-ordinary experience back home. The soothing environment of the spa adds to the pleasure and the Japanese-styled reception area prepares you for the let-go excitement that awaits you. Eforea built its name in the world of spas by being a high-quality spa with professional therapists and the ultimate relaxing scene. Reward yourself and dive into the ocean of calmness.

EFOREA SPA at Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino

To book a treatment, please call +297 526-6052 or auahh_eforea_aruba@hilton.com