Local Farmers Market & Ostriches

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There is an Ostrich Farm in Aruba, did you know? At this beautiful place where ostriches are kept and taken care of you can have double fun this coming weekend! This Sunday, September 1st, from 10:00AM-2:00PM, the OstrichĀ FarmĀ organizes the monthlyĀ local farmers market.

TheĀ farmers market’sĀ goal is to promote products and artwork made and produced inĀ Aruba. More and moreĀ local farmersĀ are actively growing vegetables, fruits, farming animals such as chicken and pigs and selling them to the public. What to think of locally made Pica de Jello (hot sauce), a great souvenir to take home. Or products handmade by Aruban artisans that offer jewelry and glass blowing handicrafts. Indulge in the local ambiance at the Savanna Lodge Bar & Restaurant that sits beneath a large, shady gondola, open on three sides to the cooling Aruban breezes and rugged countryside. Decorated with unique African figurines from Zimbabwe and with 27ft long wooden hand crafted tables you and your friends or family can admire the marketā€™s offerings, relax and enjoy a great meal and an ice cold beer or tropical fruit shake. You may of course also join in on a tour of the ostriches.

Ostrich Farm Tours are daily every half hourĀ 9 ā€“ 3:30 pm, no reservations needed for small groups. The guided tours are an activity that is both informative and interactive. For authentic souvenirs, guests can browse around the Framers Market and Art Shop.

ArubaĀ OstrichĀ Farm Inc.

Tel:Ā Ā Ā Ā Ā  (297) 5859630

Facebook: Aruba Ostrich Farm

Website:Ā www.ArubaOstrichFarm.com