Respected historian Mr. Dufi Kock opens the cultural manifestation honoring National Hymn and Flag Day

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(Oranjestad)—Last Saturday on the Plaza Betico Croes, the public enjoyed a beautiful cultural manifestation dedicated to our National Hymn and Flag Day. The official ceremony started with the entrance of our flag, which was carried by one of the island’s most valuable historian, Mr. Adolf “Dufi” Kock. He was joined by 25 young gymnasts from Gihae Gymnastics that have recently won tournaments abroad representing Aruba.

Adolf “Dufi” Kock

Mr. Kock is an important historian for our country. Dufi has been one of the 3 people within the Dutch kingdom to receive the royal recognition of “Silver Carnation” from The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, delivered personally by Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix. Dufi was recognized for his valuable contribution to the Aruban culture. He had been a writer and historian for many years already, and has been dedicating himself to investigating and documenting the history of our island nation, especially Aruba’s role in the Second World War.

Dufi shares all his knowledge in his publications, and also helps young people whenever they are in need of more information, for example for a school presentation. As a demonstration of our appreciation for his hard work, Dufi had been asked to carry the Aruban flag to open the cultural manifestation in honor of our patriotic identity.

Gihae Gymnastics

The athletes from Gihae Gymnastics have recently represented Aruba successfully during the Magical Classic Meet and the Presidential Classic Meet tournaments in the US, where they won various medals thanks to their dedication and discipline. As an honoring of their success, they have been asked to accompany Mr. Kock and deliver the Aruban flag on stage at the plaza, thus officially commencing the celebrations.


The minister of Culture, Mrs. Xiomara Maduro, expresses her gratitude to Mr. Kock and the athletes from Gihae Gymnastics for their great work in delivering the Aruban flag at the cultural manifestation dedicated to our national holiday.