Fundashon Stimami Sterilisami receives a 8,000 dollar donation from American foundation One Love

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Fundashon Stimami Sterilisami received a generous donation of 8,000 dollars from an American non-profit organization named One Love Foundation.

The donation will help Stimami Sterilisami continue with their national sterilization campaign. During the last 2 months the foundation received more than 2,300 registrations and has helped 28,592 sterilizations since 2016 and february of this year. The donation made my One Love will be duplicated dollar for dollar by Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, making it another generous donor, and together they will cover an aditional 500 sterilizations of both dogs and cats.

“We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts to Ellen Sirianni, Berkley Cameron and the full team of One Love Foundation for their generous contribution and all the help they are providing to Stimami Sterilisami. It is heart moving to see the effort that they are putting into helping our foundation and Aruba mitigate the suffering and abandonment of our animals, and they are doing everything they can from the U.S,” Ewald Biemans, President of Fundashon Stimami Sterilisami and owner/CEO of Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort explained.

“Ever since we started 2 years ago, we have worked hard to change the lives of animals on Aruba by helping rescue organizations with food, medical care, refuge, medical materials and sterilization. But we realized that we need sterilization en masse so we can truly help these organizations, seeing as this is the one way we can attack the source. We are working hard to continue providing our help and support to Fundashon Stimami Sterilisami so we can sterilize as many cats and dogs as possible!,” Ellen Sirianni, president of One Love Foundation expressed.

On top of the great 8,000 dollar donation, for the second time this year, One Love Foundation brought gifts and necesary materials to Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort for their program Pack For A Purpose that supports Imeldahof.

Pack For A Purpose is an international organization that has the mission of bringing a positive impact to communities worldwide by helping travelers that want to make a significant contribution to the destination that they visit. Bucuti & Tara Beac Resort is proud to be a member of Pack For A Purpose since August in 2015 and donations with an average weight of 423 kilos every year thanks to the support and help from its visitors and other donors.