Foundation Ajudo Na Aruba (FANA): Help the people by joining a raffle with great prices

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In an interview with the Dutch Annelot Muijres, founder of the official Foundation Ajudo Na Aruba (FANA) meaning helping Aruba, Aruba Today heard about the growing poverty of the local people due to the COVID-19 crisis and the financial situation on the island. “We feed 12.000 mouths per month, the requests for help are skyrocketing while the donations are falling behind. That is why we organize this raffle. We hope people will buy a ticket and get the chance to win the greatest prices while supporting the ones that fell into poverty.”

The 12.000 mouths per month come from 400 to 450 families per week which are provided with week packages by FANA, Muijres says. “We have families between 2 and 9 persons so all different. Notable is the baby boom right now, approximately nine months after carnival. We have many newborns which costs a lot of money and many young mothers cannot provide. FANA offers breast feeding assistance, baby formula and pampers and therefore we need donations really bad.” She also notices that most of the Aruban registered are now out of their saving money and still are unemployed plus without the financial support of the government. Many also inform her that the official food bank and the Red Cross are full so are unable to register them and they consequently turn to FANA. “Our requests for registrations rise while our donations are decreasing. Therefore we organize this amazing lottery where great prices are to be won and at the same time you support the people in need by buying a ticket. We appeal to you as community, as visitor to assist our good cause. We are doing this all on voluntary basis, nobody here is getting paid for their work. We all have jobs beside this and just want to contribute to this island and make poverty disappear as far as it is possible. If you wish to bring goods instead of donating money you are most welcome. Food is always great and other goods we can use are clothing for girls from baby to 5 years, those are really needed.”

Raffle details

You can buy tickets at different locations, each ticket costs 10 florin and has a unique number. The notary Rodriguez-Taekema will do the draw on October 23rd 2020. FANA will stream this event live on Facebook. Where does the ticket money go to? 100% of the ticket money collected will be spent on buying food and basic hygienic products for the families in need.

What can you win? 

Check out these amazing prizes below:

• Happy Divers – 1x tank dive for certified diver (worth $50)
• Diana’s Pancake Place – 4x breakfast for two (worth $100)
• Flying Friends Club – 3x 30 minute flight around Aruba (worth $900)
• Palm Tours – Private cabin at Flamingo beach, with lunchbox and bottle Prosecco for 4 (worth $284)
• Papillon – 2x giftcard $ 100
• Madame Jeanette – 2x giftcard $ 100
• Bugaloe – breakfast for two (worth $50)
• Cafe 080 – 2x 50 florin giftcard
• The Pub – 1x 4 bratwurst with a beer and 2x 1 bratwurst with a beer (worth $50)
• Chubasco – discovering scuba diving for 2 (worth $300)
• Octopus Aruba – All-inclusive catamaran sunset tour for 4 (worth $200)
• TOF Twist Of Flavors – wine & dine pairing for one (worth $25)
• Holistika Labs – voucher for homemade soapbars $ 50
• Blue Waters Day Spa – 50 minutes relaxing massage (worth 109fl)
• Franks Watersport – tandem parasailing (worth $ 100)
• Parce Rum – 3 bottles of exclusive rum (worth $ 172)
• Daily Fish – Deli Saco (worth 20fl) and a lionfish special (worth 19fl)
• Armando’s Kite Shack – kite surf lesson for two (worth 280fl)
• Ling & Sons – 2x gift cards for 100fl each
• Compra – 1x chicken box (worth 84fl) and 2x Frisian Flag box (worth 150fl)
• Deli Caribbean – fruit & vegetable basket (worth 100fl)
• Lucky Group of Store – air fryer (worth 240fl)
• Restaurant Barefoot – gift card 100 florin
• Quinta Del Carmen – gift card 100 florin
• Craft and Lola – gift card 50 florin

Official selling locations until October 20th: 

• FANA : Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday from 9am and 12pm. Av. Milio Croes 70
• De Pub : Open 7 days a week from 6pm till 11pm. Palm Beach 55.
• Bugaloe: Open 7 days a week from 8am till 11pm. J.E. Irausquin Blvd 79, Oranjestad.
• Volunteers FANA: Almost every volunteer sells tickets as well. Just keep looking for our red shirts or a car sticker!


FANA collaborates with HIAS, a Jewish American nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees. Muijres informed Aruba Today before that she estimates there are between 25.000 and 30.000 illegals on the island. The total (legal) population of Aruba is about 106.000 inhabitants. “These refugees have no medical insurance, no jobs and are in immediate need of food and baby milk.” The Arubahuis, the official representative of Aruba in the Netherlands, recently announced to support FANA by advertising online how to donate to the foundation.

Volunteer power

Muijres started this initiative by preparing home-cooked meals from her home, but she soon realized this was not enough. The grassroots organization became an official foundation with president Annelot Muijres, secretary Lizzy Jansen and treasurer Xander Muijres. They help all people in need, not only by providing meals or groceries, but also support in basic necessities like diapers, baby formula, soap etc. “We are doing this all with the love and the help of our fantastic volunteers. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. The project depends on the tremendous effort of you, the volunteers, as you make this work a success. You work long days and take precious time away from your own families to help Ajudo na Aruba to reach out,” Muijres says. If you would like to join their fantastic team, please contact the organization through the contact page on their website. Have a look at Aruba Today’s video about the foundation on our Facebook page and website: Corona Street Talk – Ajudo na Aruba


Av. Milio Croes 70

Oranjestad, Aruba

Facebook: FANA Fundacion Ajudo na Aruba, Website: