Farmers Market at the Ostrich Farm

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Every first Sunday of the month the Ostrich Farm organized and facilitate the largest farmers market on the island. Everything sold during the farmers market are locally crafted, produced and grown. Locally artisans and farmers gather at the farmers market to showcase proudly their products.

You can find the best artisan bread & pastries, hot sauces, jams,cooking sauces, fresh egg and honey that comes from small beekeepers, vegetarian snacks from locally soured beans call Dubaru.

Then you have the very talented local artisans that share their unique and one-of-a-kind art such as driftwood paintings, high quality jewelry, baby clothing, knitting products, ceramic mugs/cups and plates, Calabash art, organic soap and cosmetic and so much more!

The Farmer’s market is held under a large, covered area so you can shop comfortably in the shade.

The restaurant in the premises serves delicious local lunches and fresh fish when available. Ice cold local beer, smoothies, fresh fruit shakes and not to be missed serves the best shaved ice on the island!

And the Ostrich tours is of course offered as well.

For everybody young and old here is something to do, shop, relax and enjoy a great family outing and most of all come and support the local artisans and farmers every first Sunday of the month from 10:00 to 14:00, Matividiri 57, follow our facebookpage or Instagram @arubaostrichfarm and be notified for each upcoming farmers market