Family hike at the park

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National Park Arikok organizes a family hike were knowledgeable park rangers will share their insights of our natural and historical richness, this coming Friday July 10th between 4 and 6pm. Meeting point is at the park’s visitor’s center.

The hike will go from the visitor’s center to the Cunucu Arikok and back. This site recalls Aruba’s agricultural past. Different types of plants were cultivated at this site. An old farmhouse made from adobe is a reminder of those times. Cactus hedges and stonewalls were built to protect against goats, sheep, and donkeys.

Old plantation (Cunucus) sites tell the story of an active yet challenging agricultural past. These Cunucus were also residential areas for the few families that worked the land. These families found ways to survive in the difficult conditions, and were able to erect their homes with materials found in the area. Park rangers are learning many of the old building techniques in order to preserve this unique Aruban mud-house.

The protected area of National Park Arikok was officially established in 2000. Arikok National Park is a 34 square kilometers (7907 acres) of natural area, located at the north-eastern part of Aruba which contains examples of most of the island’s flora and fauna against a backdrop of great geological complexity. Approximately 18% of the total land area of Aruba is assigned as a National Park, to protect and preserve the flora, fauna, geology and historical remains present within Arikok National Park.