Exposition ‘Tropico Cube’ at Cas di Cultura

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Cas di Cultura presents the exhibition ‘Tropico Cube’, an exhibition featuring the local artist Laura de Vogel. This is the fifth and last exhibit that will be part of Cas di Cultura’s program AUA Exhibits ’21-’22, which is a series of exhibitions presenting local visual arts curated by art historian Ana Maria Hernandez.

Laura de Vogel is a local artist that makes questions related to our understanding and relationship with the space around us. In her exhibition ‘Tropico Cube’, de Vogel shares her artistic investigation about the functionality and identity of the ‘White Cube’ ideology. This is a format of exhibition of European/North American origin, which is a square white room, that offers a neutral space for the spectator can view art with no distraction.

This method of presenting art became the standard since 1930, however in recent decades the it became a topic of discussion because many argued it separates art from its reality.

In the ‘Tropico Cube’ exhibit, de Vogel offers a reflection of the search for a format to present art that is better tuned with our culture and heritage.

The exhibition ‘Tropico Cube’ will be open to the public until the 27th of July at Cas di Cultura. Appointments can be made to receive a tour and learn more about visual art, taking the visitors to a different world.

For more information and to experience the exhibition you can contact Cas di Cultura at (297) 582-1010 or book an appointment at info@casdicultura.aw