Expressions of appreciation for the Freewinds Volunteers continue to be displayed by citizens throughout Aruba

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A very long road to recovery was made significantly shorter by the selfless actions done by the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers. Dedicating their time and efforts to the sole purpose of making Aruba one of the safest places on earth certainly did not go unnoticed by individuals and groups, businesses and sports teams, in short, people from all walks of life who continue to put out words of thanks to show their appreciation for the work done by the Freewinds Ship and her Volunteer Ministers.

The Freewinds Volunteers fought a fourteen-month battle aimed to push the number of Covid-19 cases down and keep them down to a level where the borders could remain open allowing tourists to continue to arrive in large numbers, making it possible for business to rebound and sports activities to resume.

The Freewinds Volunteer Ministers have been receiving thanks wherever they go by those that have been assisted in staying safe. Prior to the end of the school year a primary school teacher exclaimed: “What you guys are doing is of great help and we needed help. We really, really appreciate what you have been doing. You helped the community so much, it’s fantastic how you are giving back to the community. Thank you from all the teachers and students as well. Hallelujah to that! We want to let people know that the Freewinds was here. What you have done makes the teachers and parents feel better and calmer.”

While a facility manager at a large building complex said: “Viruses bring bad things but in this case they brought you guys, the Freewinds Volunteer Ministers and this is very positive. We take this kind of help openly! Thank you very much! The work that you have been doing is very much appreciated.”

And then there was the gas station attendant, who remarked: “What you do is great! Thank you very much, from my heart, for what you guys, the Freewinds Volunteers, have been doing! On behalf of all the population of Aruba, thank you very much!”

Whether it is being said in a few words by individuals or in a big way for all to see, all the messages have the same theme: that the help has been valuable and very appreciated. The people of Aruba are very grateful for the assistance that has been provided by the Freewinds and her Volunteer Ministers during the island’s time of need.

To find out how you can help to keep Covid-19 from spreading again visit the How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center online at where all the Stay Well videos and booklets can be seen and copies downloaded, free of charge. All of these materials are available in Spanish, Dutch, English as well as 18 more languages. To learn more about the Freewinds, watch Inside Scientology: The Freewinds on the Scientology Network.(