Exposition Caribbean Ties and History of Noord’s Chapel

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MANA (Museo Arqueologico Nacional Aruba), Fundacion 1403 along with Fundacion Kapel di Bethania, are very pleased to bring forward the temporary international exposition of NEXUS 1492 Caribbean Ties closer to the community of Aruba.

This time the temporary exposition mentioned will be in the neighborhood of Noord after it was in San Nicolas and Playa.

Fundacion Kapel di Bethania currently has an exposition in Imeldahof that tells the story of the chapel in Noord. In a jewel of a monument with an enchanting garden, you can enjoy and admire art and religious artifacts, with pictures that tell the story of the times of the nuns in the Imeldahof convent.

In 2019 University of Leiden gifted MANA the exposition Caribbean Ties, which is an international temporary exhibition that is based on results of the project investigation titled NEXUS 1492. In this project, with University of Leiden as the leader, different organizations from different countries in the Caribbean region worked together.

The colonization of the Caribbean by the Spanish caused a drastic transformation in the cultural practices of the indigenous people. Caribbean Ties shows the role that the indigenous people of the Caribbean played in the global history. The Caribbean history is presented from the perspective of its first inhabitants.

This exposition has been presented in The Netherlands, Aruba, Statia and other Caribbean countries in the same form with various topics. The topics are Multiculturality, Migration, Economic and Social exchange and changes in eating habits and beliefs. The educational character of Caribbean Ties has been amplified with 4 short video productions. Especially for schools and groups it is an opportunity that is unique to amplify the knowledge about the history if Aruba and the Caribbean,

MANA, Fundacion 1403 and Fundacion Kapel di Bethania invites the community of Aruba abd our visitors who wish to know more about the history of our wonderful Island to visit these 2 expositions which are open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 to 3:30pm at Klooster Imeldahof in Noord. We will be open during the upcoming holiday on the 18th of March. To organize a visit you can contact +2975828979.