Exposition ‘Aruba Marine Life’ at the national library of Aruba

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

Artist Luisa Elena Betancourt presented her exposition ‘Aruba Marine Life’ at our national library in Oranjestad.

This exposition will be open and displayed in the Exposition Room until the 31st of March, available for your viewing pleasure all day. The community of Aruba and our visitors are welcome to see this beautiful exposition.

Artist Luisa Elena Betancourt is an Artist of Venezuelan descent who has been living in Aruba since 2016. Luisa combines her work as an artist with another one of her passions which is underwater photography. Taking pictures of marina life in the stunning beaches of Aruba, Luisa built a collection of marine life photos that are exotic, unique and extensive. A collection that is full of pictures of fishes, other animals, plants and even corals.

Luisa Elena Betancourt has also produced a book about marine life in our coast, in particular Mangel Halto and Boca Catalina. Her admiration towards marine life brings a lot of inspiration and a unique artistic development. Many pictures inspired the Artist to paint on canvas and create a work of art in the form of digital collages.

The presentation of Luisa’s book ‘Aruba Marine Life’ took place at the library as well. Director of the library Biblioteca Nacional Aruba, Astrid Britten, received 5 copies of the book for the visitors and community to be able to read and lend. Edgard G. A. Vrolijk, president of Aruba’s Parliament also received a copy of the book.

This book is a proof of Aruba’s underwater beauty and will help everyone get to know all the creatures that live in our coasts. A wonderful world to protect and preserve.