Episode XCVIII -98: Desert Island Living

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Back to basics and back to simplicity is what brings you back to earth. By relying on those plants that do well in a desert atmosphere, one can create a peaceful and healthy garden living environment while saving on maintenance and garden caring time.

A desert garden can be incredibly attractive and offers many additional benefits such as significant cost savings results. Water is expensive when used in substantial quantities when trying to maintain a more traditional type of garden in an area that is not blessed with a lot of rain like our arid Aruba, where this precious liquid of life can be quite expensive. The trick is experimenting and choosing the right plants species and varieties accustomed to a hot and dry environment. Desert landscaping is both profitable and a wonderful proposition.

Plants like succulents perform at their best in their native climate and our desert environment offers these advantages when using these kinds of plants that thrive in drought conditions.

While it is possible to create and maintain a lush green lawn in a desert landscaping with frequent watering, it won’t matter what you do to encourage growth, it will never be as tough as a bluegrass lawn in a temperate region. However some experimental varieties are being developed.

In our old but beautiful island climate is tropical one and hot all year round. Daytime temperatures are around 29/31 degrees Celsius (84/88 ยฐ F) but the wind moderates the heat. Since the trade wind blows constantly from mainly the Northeast direction, it is advisable to keep in mind the path of the sun and use the land completely to your advantage when planning an environmental conscious self-sufficient project. Now, you must keep in mind rain water recollection, garbage disposals, food security, picking the right building material for creating fresh well lid relaxing spaces in a dwelling where without a doubt you can do without the need of an air conditioners operating in the buildings during most of the year.

Although the so-called “rainy season” lasts from the end of October to the beginning of January, most of this rain falls in the form of short and strong showers. It may be the case that mosquitos may become annoying during mornings hours, sun down or at night. So proper screening is recommended to keep bugs outdoors. In case of extremely hot days solar can reduce cooling energy cost during extreme hot days as an alternative. In the following picture we can see a one bed bedroom with open windows looking east to the rising sun. The wind blows through the whole room making it a place to relax and enjoying leisure on clear sunny but windy days.

A fresh and clean air welcomes you to the autochthonous, the fusion of the colonial and native cultures that characterizes Etnia Nativa desert dwelling, wood, woven tapestries and native art work.


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