Episode LXXXIX – 89: Island inspiration

265805 Pinchos- PGB promo Banner (25 x 5 cm)-5 copy

Nature has always been a source of creativity and inspiration for philosophers, artists and scientists. From early rock art to realism, impressionism, classicism or the avant-garde, everything that surrounds us in nature will never cease to amaze us. There is always something that inspires us with new ideas to create our work of art.

Etnia Nativa creates ties with the resources of nature through its artistic productions and reflects on the future of the planet as the harmful impact of human beings on earth. Our works invite to think and raise awareness about the incidence of climate change, about the conservation and the necessary care of the environment. It seeks to reinforce local identity while preserving Aruba’s heritage and culture.

Nature is our greatest resource and source of inspiration; most of our works are made of noble material and can return to the earth without harming it.

We work clay with ancient, pre-Columbian techniques, in the same way that other cultures worked their clay pieces in the past. Our works show connection and harmony with the natural cycle. The elaboration of each piece of clay has a creative itinerary that begins from the moment we go to harvest the clay, selecting the material for its plasticity and according to its color and texture. Afterwards, the clay must be crushed, let it soak for a few days, strain it and let it rest in a canvas bag to dry until it reaches the right consistency to knead, at that moment some of our native creations come to life.

The need to learn sustainable ways of co-habiting the earth is also the engine of our creations; communal works like “Breba pa unda?”, a cactus with each of its four arms pointing to one of the four cardinal directions. A recycled garden hose represents the green however plastic nature taking over the island. Black, burnt Styrofoam for nature V.S. development, nature lost. The other two arms, the Aruba flag in blue and with the rusty red and yellow branch of native Aruba’s indigenous heritage symbols.

Etnia Nativa is active in community consciousness inspiring art presentations. We are sharing awareness towards a healthy relationship with islands natural environment, it’s surrounding ocean and once inner eco guru. We define art works not only through why it was created, or what influenced the artist to create but by analyzing what first comes to your mind.

All materials that we apply are from rescue operations and transformed in our final works. An old Tibetan text says “Help nature and work with her and she will consider you one of her own and give you obedience.”


To get to know more regarding Aruba’s and its cultural origins & art we highly recommend Etnia Nativa`s heritage experience session. A mind opening portal to an entertaining island experience is awaiting you. Mail us at etnianativa03@gmail.com our facilities and activities take place close to high rise hotels.