Episode CLXXXII- 182: Threat to Aruba`s succulents

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Etnia Nativa through Island Insight shares native cultural awareness educates and safeguards Aruba’s heritage and encourage readers to experiment island keeper state of mind. During this episode we want to raise awareness how climate change in having the same impact here on our island and everywhere.

We live in a society in which individuals have less and less time to practice personal time or meditation. Natures healing wonder has been observed and collected for an impossible to mention purposes. For many having contact with peace of nature is to release accumulated energy in to a relaxing creative.

Therefore taking care of some specific plant collection can do a great job. Growing your herbs, collecting orchids, grow veggies or design a succulent garden to discover how plants or a garden provide relaxation charging by grounding yourself to a free natural lifestyle benefits. Caring for plants offers a direct relationship with the environment of inner peace those readers who already are practical gardeners, have an outdoor succulent collection and happen to live on Aruba, inspect your collection, since due to constant rain that you’re rare, endangered or vulnerable varieties can rot and putrefy completely.


We had to repot many small succulents this week at Etnia Nativa`s garden, preventing their mother root to absorb to much water and saving the plant. It is this e same reason of absorbing too much rain water that provoke roads sides cactus which locals referred to as “cadushi golos” or greedy cactus to for having drunken excess water. The gained weight breaks the roots causing the whole tree to fall. An Old Portuguese friend of our island had a saying “água di mais mata planta” – too much water kills the plant. But rain also makes the island green and refreshes everything.

Contact with nature can also be to go for a half or one hour walk through Aruba`s landscape and discover its unique vegetation and archaic cultural landscape. Thorny shrub, tree cactus, and agave varieties are abundant, though not in large numbers of species varieties. Seeds of plants that grow in wild are dispersed by wind and fauna, especially birds and bats feasting of their delicious fruits and nectar not forgetting insects.

Studies have indicated that the knock-on effects of climate change, global warming and the exploitation of natural resources of our tourist industry have a significant impact on plant growth and ecosystems everywhere.

Succulent are plants thickened, fleshy, and engorged, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. The word succulent comes from the Latin word sucus, meaning ‘juice’, or ‘sap’. Like for example many of our island cactuses and vegetation in general are plants that store water in stems or leaves and plants that have developed special talents, and survival skills, adapted with wonderful shapes, colors, and textures like we can encounter in the Aruban landscape.


Unfortunately most recent studies has indicates that 75 percent of all plants including our cacti as well as many species of which are tolerant to extreme heat – could be threatened with extinction due to climate change and habitat loss. These new scientific opinions challenge the long-held assumption that these iconic desert plants will thrive with more heat and humidity.

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