Episode CLXVII- 167: Arubans native grounding

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Etnia Nativa through Island Insight facilitates cultural awareness, education and safeguards Aruba’s heritage by elevating each reader into an island keeper state of mind. Be encouraged to discover in every episode the true native effect, live it, discover more reasons to love Aruba behind our beaches and liven up your stay in an incredibly wonderful way.

In this episode we want to highlight the importance of walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt, stones, etc. and let these elements “massage” your feet, since walking barefoot will give you multiple benefits: it activates your circulatory system, improves your nervous system and at the same time, if you walk barefoot on the beach, the salt and sand will act as natural exfoliants . When the waves break on our feet and legs, it will also help us a lot to tone our muscles.

Actually in certain places the custom of walking and exercising barefoot remains. Walking barefoot is called Grounding or Earthing which means “to make land”. Various scientific investigations have revealed a surprisingly positive factor of nature and that is that walking barefoot –whether on grass, sand, earth, stones, etc. is especially beneficial not only promotes a better perception of the space in which you are but definitely “restores your natural’ walking pattern, also known as our gait.”

In addition to improving control of the position of your foot when it hits the ground, it also improves balance, proprioception and body awareness, which can even help relieve certain joint pain.

Orthopedically walking barefoot leads to better foot mechanics, which leads to better movement of the hips and knees in addition to maintaining adequate strength and stability within the muscles. But if you decide to start walking or exercising barefoot, you need to consider the surface you’re walking on.

So we suggest you enjoy earthing during your vacation and connect your body to the special energies of our island. Each person is able to tune in with the energies of the Earth, animals, plants and the sea.

In addition, we all have the ability to transmute the energies that surround us and in one way or another we also have the ability to transmit them. There is something soothing about the sound of the sea, the sound of waves gently lapping on the beach, the smell of salt water, and the sensation of stepping on warm sand. It is an environment that can have a profound impact on our brain and mental health, as it immediately puts us at ease.

Additionally, the sound of waves can help us achieve a meditative state, which has been shown to “heal” and strengthen us. Numerous studies help us appreciate why the beach can be the number one destination to relax and recharge our minds and transmit our best energies to others!


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