Episode CCXXII – 222: Benefits of reducing and reusing

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Etnia Nativa is where you can connect with the mystical aspects of Aruba, its culture, and its traditional heritage. The platform encourages visitors to engage with our island`s unique cultural setting.

The objective is to share our collective native folkloric experience and field observations. A spiritual respect for Mother Nature is our promotion. Encourage awareness of true elemental values as well as the benefits of proven scientific and technological solutions for an eco-conscious society because Aruba’s fragile nature is under various threats.

Our island needs each visitor to get involved in tourist activities where respect for the natural, cultural, and social environment is prioritized to define and understand the values of our community. With this type of tourism, there is a positive exchange of experiences between visitors and residents, establishing a fair and equitable relationship in terms of the benefits that this activity can generate.

Aruba is outside of the so-called hurricane belt; however, razing a piece of land and continuing development are like natural disasters. The devastation reached its tipping point. Global warming must be taken very seriously and personally; hence, every person could offer their grain of sand of contribution. Let’s become an example in natural recovery by promoting the planting of trees, local trees in particular, in order to fight back desertification and rising temperatures. Actually the island is at that point where it must determine its character and make an unconditional choice for the future by demanding responsible governance. Considering the demographics and geophysical limitations of its small territory, smart choices have long-term benefits.

Since 2019, through this #islandinsight platform, our goal has been to raise cultural awareness, promote education, and safeguard our heritage.

Our small, beautiful island, like the entire planet Earth, is going through a decisive moment, and our tourism in general should be governed by the principles of sustainability in order to minimize the impact on the environment and local culture.

As pioneers in construction and experimentation with reusable materials, we see the stagnation of waste on our island among other concerns, which deserves a creative solution and a pragmatic intervention. We built a museum home called Etnia Nativa and all its facilities with the main objective of influencing native consciousness. We educate visitors through an authentically local experience. All this happens in a private area of 880 m2 and within the limits of facilities that house remote cultural knowledge as well as native and imported plants, wild animals, and endangered bird species with which participants can interact, thus providing the opportunity to enjoy an experience that will accompany them back home and make them love Aruba beyond its beaches.

Our project has incorporated collected materials into all phases since its initial process. The same was applied in the construction of artifacts, furniture, and works of art that are part of the decoration and conference sites, such as lamps, masks, shells, bones, feathers, seeds, etc.

We love to promote native culture as the result of the raw material available, creativity, and the desire to improve on a communal as well as a personal level, and we want to motivate the reader to take this tour de force of Native Aruban cultural criticism, which includes widely across artistic, literary, philosophical, linguistic, historical, ethnographic, and sociological aspects of native history. Etnia Nativa is rife with poignant and original observations and is an essential tour for anyone interested in Aruba’s Native legacy.

Aruba needs to raise awareness of its still unfathomable assets that could be lost without even knowing they exist. It is in the hands of its inhabitants to request legislative protection, safeguards, and guaranteed protection of the existence of our ecosystem for our next generation and our future visitors.

If you are keen to explore Aruba’s deep heritage, Etnia Nativa is the place. A private residential house that integrates natural and reused materials and is bursting with art, culture, and heritage. Each visitor is guided through an authentic encounter by the owner-builder and cultural expert.

An appointmment is required: etnianativa03@gmail.com or WhatsApp (no calls) at +297 592 2702.