ELMAR warns against lighting fireworks near high voltage wires

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Lighting fireworks and lights is a popular way to celebrate the year-end at home and during special gatherings. However, it is important for each and every one of us to do this responsibly and safely.

Through a press release, electricity company of Aruba, ELMAR advices to never light fireworks near high voltage wires. Electricity wires transport and distribute high voltage electricity, which can be very dangerous if one comes into contact with one of these wires. If a firework lands on an electricity wire, it can cause an electric discharge which can result in grave injury or even death. Fireworks can also damage the electricity wires and provoke a disruption when electricity is needed the most.

To guarantee everyone’s safety, ELMAR insists that it is very important to follow all security instructions when lighting fireworks and lights. This includes reading and following all instructions on the packaging of each firework, and keeping a safe distance from high voltage wires. Instructions vary from one product to another so it is very important to make sure of which precautions are needed for each of them.

With safety in mind, everyone can enjoy a happy new year.