Elliott Loonstra PLY was nominated by ARTBO (Aruba Taekwondo Bond) and bestowed two Para-Athlete of the year awards

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At the 2021 ‘Premio Excelencia den Deporte’ in Aruba.

The Awards ceremony for 2019 and 2020 did not take place due to the Covid pandemic that affected the whole world. However, the 2021 ‘Premio Excelencia den Deporte’ took place, and they awarded athletes the awards from the previous years, not including 2020 due to a lack of sports activities. These awards were both for able-bodied and para-athletes.

The award for 2019 was presented to Elliott Loonstra PLY by the Prime Minister of Aruba, Evelyne Wever-Croes , while the 2021 award was given to Loonstra PLY by the secretary of the Aruba Paralympic Committee, Mrs.Shardea Croes. Of the 6 athletes nominated by ARTBO, Elliott Loonstra PLY was the only one to receive awards at this prestigious event. This ceremony marks the third consecutive year (2018, 2019, 2021) that Elliott Loonstra PLY has been the Para-Athlete of the Year in Aruba. A very proud moment for Elliott Loonstra and his family, along with his coach Luciano Mazzeo and the Paralympic Committee.

A week later Elliott Loonstra PLY was invited to be a panelist in the Lidera Student Athlete Conference to help motivate and teach the young students of Aruba as to what it takes to become an elite level athlete. The event took place on August 26th of this year and 400+ student athletes attended. Along with the other panelists, Elliott Loonstra PLY explained his thoughts and experience in the world of sporting and how it has affected his life and view on sports.

The event was also attended by former NFL star and current motivational speaker Trent Shelton. It was a great success and Elliott Loonstra PLY was very honored to have been a part of it. He looks forward to future events in which he can help motivate more students in sports, while also educating them about the Paralympic movement that is happening around the world.

Currently Loonstra PLY and his coach Luciano Mazzeo are in route to the 2022 Paris Grand Prix Series of Para-Taekwondo. The fights will take place on September 5th ,2022 and we wish them great success during his fights.