Dutch cadets roll up their sleeves in Aruba

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On Saturday, May 20th, Dutch cadets from the Royal Military Academy in Breda will participate in a community day on the beach of Aruba, engaging in activities such as a beach clean-up. Through this, they demonstrate their connection to the island of Aruba and its residents.

This community day in Aruba is part of an exercise for future officers to train their military skills in different climatic and cultural conditions. The aim of this week is to gain experience in leadership in unfamiliar environments, better preparing them for future roles.

Program Under the supervision of volunteers from Turtugaruba, a group of cadets will collect waste at Beach Damari between 07:00-10:30 AM. Another group, led by Scubblebubble, will go to the beach north of the Californian Lighthouse between 08:00-11:00 AM. A third group will assist with pruning in the mangroves between 07:00-10:30 AM.

The training The cadets are in their final year of the four-year officer training program. After this exercise, the training will continue for a few more months before they embark on the specialized part of their training or begin their first position in the Dutch Armed Forces.