DOW completes maintenance work at three beaches

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Approximately two months ago (November 9, 2021), the Department of Public Works (DOW) started the Beach sand project, which comprised beach replenishment. 

The DOW added sand to three well-known beaches, namely Arashi, Boca Catalina y Eagle Beach to combat erosion. DOW started with the project on November 9, 2021, at Arashi, followed by Boca Catalina and Eagle Beach. They transported approximately 635 yards of white sand to Arashi, 160 to Boca Catalina, and 2400 to Eagle Beach. The beaches were replenished because there were many stones where white sand used to be. Therefore there was less space on the beach. This maintenance work is not done every month but at beaches where erosion occurs. With white sand transported from other areas, the beaches are now more accessible for beachgoers to enjoy. The ministry in charge of Infrastructure reminds everyone to take care of Aruba beaches that are part of our cultural heritage.