Do good and have a good time, Volunteering!

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The people of Aruba have a generous spirit and a strong sense of community. That innate willingness to lend a hand found ample opportunity to shine during the pandemic.

The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino has been a big supporter of the island’s local food bank, Fundacon pa Nos Comunidad. Team Members have been volunteering since March 2020, receiving food items in bulk from generous sponsors, local and international suppliers, and repacking them into smaller boxes design to feed single households. The work is ongoing, 7 days a week, and at the height of the Covid19 lockdown the food bank provided essentials to 4,200 families. It couldn’t have met its target without the active participation of the Hilton’s Team Members. Norma Lacle, part of the Hilton Team, dedicated every single day since September 2020 to the food bank and its clients. Norma puts her apron and hair net on in the early morning hours each day, and doesn’t stop until the last box is filled and delivered. Both the resort, represented by its Director of Human Resources Glenn Farro, and Norma Lacle, were recognized as VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR, as honors were bestowed at an intimate, yet socially distanced ceremony at the Drive-In Theater.

CEDE ARUBA, a local center for community development supported by funds from the Dutch Kingdom, has helped acknowledge and recognize volunteerism on the island for several years

Each of Aruba’s non-profit organization was asked to submit their Volunteer of the Year candidates, and awards were delivered to recipients’ cars by director Daniel Tecklenborg, the head of this super-efficient entity working in collaboration with a Dutch Royal Foundation on community projects.

The slogan and the hash tag #HaciBonPasaBon, do good and feel good, is promotred by CEDE Aruba year round. Volunteerism is now more important than ever, say Tecklenborg. The resort and Norma, have been the backbone of our much-needed operation, says Gianaika v/d Biezen, at the head of the Food Bank.,


CEDE ARUBA also organizes Aruba Doet, the largest volunteer event on the island, annually, asking individuals and organization to help social causes, working with friends, colleagues. The Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino, participates each year, and has contributed to many projects.