Department of Older Persons Affairs organized its first informative talk

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Monday morning, the 10th of October, in a completely full room at OPPA took place the first informative talk regarding the financial situation of our Older Persons, organized by the Department of Older Persons Affairs in connection with the Month for Older Persons.

Present as panelists were Jonathan Upegui from Central Bureau of Statistics, CBS; Maritza Krozendijk, Relationship Manager and Financial Solutions from RBC Royal Bank; and Wilbert Marchena, policy officer for the Department of Social Affairs.
The moderator for this event was Edward Erasmus.


Different topics were discussed relating to our Older Persons, For example, composition of the household of Older Persons, average income for households with at least one Older Person, and the expenses for at least one Older Person.

According to a press release from the government, it was a morning filled with information for those present as well as those attending online through the social media channels of the Department of Older Persons Affairs.

The Department of Older Persons Affairs thanked the panelists and moderator Edward Erasmus for a great presentation. He also thanked OPPA – the Organization of Public Pensioners of Aruba – for the use of their facilities.

The Department of Older Persons Affairs together with CBS will continue organizing informational talks in order to stimulate more participation during the month for Older Persons.