COVID-19 tests now easier and more accessible!

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Aiming to test as many Covid-19 symptomatic individuals as possible to stop the further spread of the virus, the Department of Public Health (DVG) introduced a new testing method that allows anyone with Covid-19-like symptoms to sign up for their test .

ORANJESTAD — Anyone with Covid-like symptoms and an MWV card can request their test online at   and must complete the application form. Once the form is completed, the automated system generates a code that is sent to the user via email, which the user must enter under the “test” icon in the Aruba Health App.

This is in addition to the conventional way of contacting their doctor or calling +297 2800101 for testing. Now there are 3 ways to get tested for Covid19.

Covid Status Update

There are currently 516 active Covid cases on the island. 435 residents and 81 non-residents. There are 43 persons hospitalized of which 18 of them are in the Intensive care unit. 92 persons lost their battle against the Covid virus. A total of 132.894 persons have been tested of which 87.194 were tested at the airport. 92 persons lost the battle against Covid-19. A total of 40.194 persons registered for the vaccine of which 33.493 already received the first dosage of Pfizer vaccine and 10.946 of them received the second dosage too.