The Caribbean’s Healthiest vacation experience at Bucuti & Tara Aruba

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The management team at the Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba continue their efforts to be the Caribbean’s healthiest vacation experience by perfecting the Corona virus safeguards and protocols, with a visit to Aruba’s Horacio E. Oduber hospital.

Resort Manager, Rik van der Berg and Assistant Manager, Ignacio Ortiz met with Sinead Geerman, MSC and Marjolyn Maduro, the hospital infection and prevention practitioners, to review our resort protocol and to learn the best approach to ensure health for the protection of our associates and guests alike.

Every associate to be tested for COVID-19 and screened daily.
Every associate will be tested for COVID and Bucuti & Tara have implemented employee-screening measures to assess signs and symptoms of infection and whether the employee could have been in contact with the virus. Employees are currently and will continue to go through temperature checks before entering the resort.

Practice, Practice…Practice.
Bucuti & Tara Associates have all been ServSafe certified and have been thoroughly trained for all new COVID-19 protocols including physical distancing. With the hotel operation having remained open with new guests, including hospital front-line and ICU personnel and a KLM Airline crew, providing the valuable opportunity to train and implement the new protocols.

In addition to the new UV technology and Industrial Ionization equipment recently announced, electrostatic devices will precisely apply disinfectants and will sanitize public areas with enhanced protocols for the fitness and wellness areas.

Extensive protocols include:

  • Step 1. Environmentally safe, hospital-grade hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution continues being used, which is both EPA and LEED approved.
  • Step 2. An AtmosAir Rainier Summit ionizer treatment removes any mold, mildew and bacteria or viruses
  • Step 3. Sanidyne® Premium UV Portable Air and Surface Sanitizer treatment
  • Step 4. HEPA air-cleaners, which have always been in each room, continue to provide the purest air on the island.
  • Step 5. Rooms are sealed with a sticker to ensure no entry of the room prior to guest’s removal of the sticker.
  • Sept 6. Electrostatic application of disinfectants with special attention to Fitness and Wellness areas

COVID-19 policies are easily to be found on Bucuti & Tara website homepage: