Corruption Survey 2020: Will the perceived spread of corruption persist in 2020?

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For the third consecutive year, the Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA) will conduct a “Corruption Survey”, which started November 16, 2020. The online survey includes, among others, questions about the level of corruption, experiences with corruption when using services particularly in the public sector, and the need for additional anti-corruption measures.

Curbing corruption in Aruba is a high priority for the CBA, because corruption has far reaching negative economic and social repercussions. Several international organizations, such as Transparency International, frequently execute surveys on the level of corruption in many countries. To compensate for the fact that Aruba is not part of these international surveys, and consequently important data on local corruption are not available, the CBA has been conducting the corruption survey since 2018.

We are aware that this information is sensitive. We therefore stress that this survey is strictly anonymous and guarantee that all information received will be treated with the utmost confidence. Data will only be used on an aggregated basis for statistical and analytical purposes. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this survey will be fully conducted online. All Aruban residents older than 18 years are invited to take part in this important survey by filling in the online questionnaire. This can be accessed via our website:


The REPORT CORRUPTION SURVEY 2019 is available on the CBA’s website


About the Centrale Bank van Aruba

The main purpose of the Centrale Bank van Aruba (CBA) is to contribute to the financial stability and economic well-being of the Aruban community. The CBA accomplishes this mission by implementing an effective monetary policy aimed towards maintaining the value of the florin, by promoting the soundness and integrity of the financial system, and by enhancing an efficient and reliable payments system.

Besides these core tasks, the CBA is also the sole issuer of florin banknotes and florin coins, and acts as banker to the Government of Aruba. In addition, it regulates the flow of international payments, manages the available foreign exchange reserves of Aruba, and supervises the spending thereof.

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