CLIMATE MEETS FASHION: A synergy between Art Fashion, DirectieNatuur en MilieusupportingActNow of United Nations

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2022 marks the introduction of a new era for the most anticipatedfashion event of the year, Art Fashion. This year Art Fashion will partner up with DNM (DirectieNatuur en Milieu) and together they are supporting The United Nations in the ActNow Climate Campaign, with the aim of raising awareness and promoting lasting behavior change when it comes to fashion choices. This project is co-founded by the European Union, highlighting the SDG’s which are sustainable development goals.

The challenge, part of the ActNow Climate Campaign, aims to educate and encourage individual behavioral change, mainly by adjusting consumption patterns. Fast Fashion Industry is the second largest contributor to Climate Change;therefore, this Fashion Event will be a direct invitation to the Aruban community to step up and act now their climate actions and join the movement to build a better word.

Designers, such as Elisa Lejeuz, will present an awe-inspiringcompilation of scarves with designs depictinga Totem Ode to the Gods. The original Aruba Rock drawings are one of the special patterns of her designs where only silkworms and water were involved in the process. Her collection support Climate Actions.

For the first time, Aruba will host a group of young performances from the sister Island of Bonaire, “Mala Mucha”, showing their peculiar style and bringing their message about animal extinction, in the form of songs that will impact and flow in their designs.

Greenhouse Gas (GhG) emission and global species extinctions (trees and important animals) cause warmer temperatures over time that are changing weather patterns and disrupting the normal balance of nature. This poses many risks to human beings and all other forms of life on Earth. The designersof sister island Curacao illustrateshades of orange representing the (scorching) temperatures and life as they know it on earth.

Water, what is gold surrounding our Island and most essential to sustain life on Earth will be presented in a flow of jewels by Atelier DoreebyHendrik and Judith Uiterloo from Surinam.

More than 10 participating local and international designers has thought through their involvement in getting the message across through their art and designs. And what more special place, than the mystical and authentic artistical streets of San Nicolas.

Art Fashion will bring designers together to raise awareness of climate change on the Island of Aruba, produce events as Climate meet Fashion talks (September 23, 2022) and Climate meets Fashion Sales (September 24, 2022).ActNow Is the United Nations Campaign for individual action on Climate Change and sustainability. Together forming a perfect alliance to help people make better choices that willcontribute to less harmful environmental effects.

Art Fashion will take place Wednesday November 2nd, 2022 with a remarkable variety of music and designs, where the models not only walk the stage, strike the pose, sing and dance, but in their own magical way show that they do care about our planet, reinforcing the statement; there is NO PLANET B.

For more detailed information visit our website or call us at the ArtisA office at 5635904.