Aruba Walk-in Clinic: Meet Dr. Lili Beke: a skilled person and humane doctor at heart

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Doctor Lili Beke from the Walk-In Clinic has a solid reputation, built on more than 35 years of experience as a medical doctor. Both tourists and locals feel great with her for these simple reasons: communicative, skilled, empathetic and trustworthy. She has all the qualities of a great doctor. When you feel sick during vacation, you want it out of your system as soon as possible. Don’t look any further; help is just around the corner. Unique is the fact that you can walk into this clinic without an appointment.

During the interview with Aruba Today the doctor keeps on getting calls from patients and every single call is answered with the all the patience in the world. The calm of Dr. Beke alone will ease you and with her experience, she makes sure that the bad luck on vacation is turned into a bad memory in the blink of an eye. Both locals and tourists are fans of the humane way Dr. Beke goes about her job.

What makes a doctor a good doctor?

A good doctor needs first to develop qualities of patience, patience and more patience to maintain the ability to care despite her patient’s conditions. She needs to take time to explain and educate before medication and take time to think about the proper decision, this might
not always be necessarily what is written in the textbooks. Taking time to explain and understand, choosing the language to fit each and every patient, medical school does not teach this, yet this is what defines Dr. Beke.

Covid times

Dr. Beke: “My priority during the Covid-19 period is attending as much patients as I can and that so far went very well. We have been busier as normal, but we managed. Now that the tourists are back again we shift from locals only to a mix of tourists and locals who walk in my practice.” The government imposed protocol for covid-19 which is strictly followed and after each patient the room is thoroughly cleaned.” Her practice is, literally, a stone-throw’s distance from the high-rise hotels offering tourists quick and efficient service. “I noticed that many look for that personal touch and they do not like the assistance on distance by sending pics on a cell phone. I see my patients and this is important as I need to feel them.”

Top 5 vacation illnesses

The most common reasons why patients walk into her clinic sound very familiar. Dr.Beke: “When on vacation you are excited so you mix meals, eat without control and combine this with more alcohol than usual resulting in an upset stomach. Digestion issues occur and when on a diet you can count on it that you will get sick.” Throwing up, diarrhea, dehydration will be a bummer on your vacation. “Second occasion why people step in here is medication. They feel sick because they forgot to take their medicines with them or simply think they don’t need it on holiday. But of course the body does not work differently only because you are in another place.” This happens especially with patients of higher age and many times with blood pressure medication and psychological medicines, the doctor explains.q

Palm Beach Aruba Walk-in Clinic

Unit 8 at “The Cove”, Palm Beach Unit 9 at “The Cove”, Palm Beach

Phone: +297 588 0539


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