Cas di Cultura: Create your own reality with abstract art

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Starting september 28th Soul2Soul-Mindful Art Gallery is facilitating a 3-day series of Mindful Art workshops in Cas di Cultura. With Mindful Art, participants of the workshops de-stress & create their own reality while also challenging themselves in a fun way to work on self-development. On October 1st participants can show off their self-made art to the public in art exhibition ‘The essence of me’, together with exhibited artworks by local abstract artist Sharina Gumbs.

Abstract Art Exhibition ‘The essence of me’

The exhibition ‘The essence of me’ on October 1st is a representation of the work of local abstract artist Sharina Gumbs. Participants of the workshops will also exhibit their artworks and can share their experiences with an audience of family, friends and other art lovers. Tickets for the exhibition and workshops are available at Cas di Cultura or via Soul2Soul Mindful Art Gallery (+297-7491217).

Enjoy abstract art on different levels

During these stressful times where people are uncertain about the future, it can be helpful to learn how art can help release stress by creating your own reality in an abstract artwork.

The first workshop on September 28th is ‘Refill your cup with authenticity’, winner of the cultural award ‘De Gouden C’ 2019 in the Netherlands. In this workshop a stressful moment is artificially created and participants are challenged to reflect on how they deal with unexpected situations. In the meantime they learn basic skills to make a beautiful abstract artwork.

‘Reality-Check’ is the second workshop on September 29th and meant to challenge our own core beliefs that we normally don’t even question. By being aware of these core beliefs, we have the power to create and re-shape our own reality. And by doing so, regain some kind of control over our lives when facing exterior factors that impact us.

‘Design your personality’ is the last workshop on September 30th. In this workshop participants use a dryfit t-shirt as their canvas and express their unique personality in an abstract artwork that they can wear.