As good citizens let us protect our marine life

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There are several protected species in Aruba. These species are protected by the Nature Protection Ordinance (Natuurbeschermingsverordening).

According to our local laws, it is prohibited to kill, capture, harm, bother or take the eggs of protected species.

Protected species

The protected species include all corals, various seagrass, all type of mangroves, all species of parrotfish (Scaridae), Nassau Grouper (Jacupeper), Warsaw grouper (Djukfes), whale shark, Atlantic Blue Fin Tuna, lobster, all conch, all turtles, black sea urchin (diadema antillarum), sea star, sea horse, Hydrocorallina (coral), sawfish, manta rays, pelicans, 2 type of hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna mokarran y Sphyrna lewini), 3 type of conch of the Conus family, Caribbean Crown Conch and also whales and dolphins.

Why protect marine life?

Marine life is an essential part of the ecosystem that is of great value to our biodiversity. Our marine life is also of the essence for tourism, our most important economic industry, and our fishing industry. Balanced and sustainable development is beneficial for everyone and can help restore and maintain healthy marine life. Furthermore, a healthy marine life helps with food security and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes urges every citizen of our country to contribute and protect our nature.

By doing so, we can ensure the healthy marine life and development of our beloved island.