Arubans living abroad

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Aruba Today is connecting to our beloved readers abroad who have a special bond with the island. We launched columns like Aruba to Me … and My Favorite Hotel Staff where our fans can send pictures and words that express their love for Aruba and its workers in the hospitality industry.

In these difficult times we also think about our Aruban friends living abroad. How they are doing and what is their life experience right now, we wonder. The first story in this series was published April 17 and came from Aruban Arturo Desimone who lives in Spain. April 22 we shared the wonderful story of Jairo Loefstop who lives in Costa Rica. April 29 we got a glimpse of the world of Jennifer Maduro who lives in Montreal, Canada. How amazing it was to hear from Jacqueline Raven – Hagens living all the way in Dubai, article published on May 15.

Today we share the life experiences of Vivian Koole who lives in Minneapolis, United States of America. A city that has a lot of attention now due to the recent happenings.

George Floyd.
“I was born and raised on the beautiful island of Aruba, I have lived in the USA since 1981 and I am a proud resident of Minneapolis since 2001. Minneapolis and St. Paul are also known as “the twin cities “and are very cultural, very diverse, Vivian says. “I just wanted to share some of my own experience in light of what has recently happened to Minneapolis. In a few words utter shock and disbelief! As a resident of Minneapolis currently residing in suburbs we all got a reality check.” Racism is very real and I was lucky enough not to have encountered that, she continues. “Our police officers are here to protect our community and no one should be afraid. I believe that all of our leaders should take a deep look at their police department which has happened here in Minneapolis.”

Corona virus affects me daily. I work at a hospital and yes it worries me but I trust the leaders of my work place. The corona virus is still very real and in Minneapolis its mandatory to wear a mask in all public places. As an essential health care worker it’s so uplifting to hear “ code joy “ on the intercom, meaning another patient got sent home and recovered from the corona virus. Curfew got put in place which has been lifted and some of our stores went back to limited hours recently.

Aruba’s re-opening.
Americans will travel to Aruba, but the island should open its borders with caution, Vivian thinks. “I think it really starts as to when the passengers are about to check in. Do a temperature check and make it mandatory to put a mask on. I miss my beautiful island of Aruba a lot and I’m so happy to belong to the Facebook page group “Arubans living in the US”. Sharing positive things about our beloved island is keeping us close even though we are living far away. As last note I love to tell all the beautiful people, my family and friends to do the hand washing and social distancing. Be safe and see you all soon. Te oro. “