Aruba, your home away from home

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Arubian house with a stone Fence “Transhi”

This house has been built around 80 years ago and is located on your right going to the Natural Bridge. The fence is built completely out of stones that can be found in the area. The original country (cunucu) houses are made from mud mortar and stone and some from mud and stick from trees. Most of the houses were made by families coming together and helping one another.


Cas di habrei and the Divi Divi tree

Cas di hadrei means, a house with a front porch. Not all the houses have a front porch but this house at Ayo has a Hadrei! The tree in front of this house is the “Palo di Divi Divi“or the Libidibia Coriaria. As kids growing up we used the fruit of the Divi Divi tree as glue to make kites in the month of April for Queen Birthday Celebration. The fruits can also be used to cure leather. One of the local name for Divi Divi tree is the Watapana.




The Petruccelli family celebration their 49th wedding anniversary

Many families have been coming to Aruba for many decades and this family is one of them. They told me that they feel at home on Aruba and made so many friends over the last decades coming almost twice a year to Aruba. This is a shot I took from last week’s photo shoot.


Kwihi at Mangel Halto

Aruba has 48 native trees and the Kwihi is one of them. It’s a very fast growing tree and is home of the famous Aruban iguana. The kwihi tree is the best for making firewood and the locals also use it to make many island souvenirs sold in many hotels.