We call it the Calco

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Aruban born and bred Steve Francees has a passion for photography. Being a local photographer he knows the hidden gems of this island and captures them in an amazing way. As a Family and Landscape photographer Steve is ready to create your next ‘vacation memories’, morning and/or sunset shots. T: (297) 738-0777, M: stevefrancees@hotmail.com,

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We call it the Calco

Growing up on an island I can say this was my preferred meal but over the time it was very hard to find. We tried a few times the one that they import here but the taste is not the same. In Bonaire there is a place called Lac Bay where you will see many piles of thousands of this conch shells. We used to grill it with some butter and a lot of garlic and it was a really amazing tasty snack. The last one I saw in wildlife was at Mangel Halto a few months ago and I decided to let my friend live to take care of his family.


Oranjestad vs Amsterdam

I like architecture and love taking images of facades and what I like of our downtown is the Dutch architecture. The first photo is of the Royal Plaza Mall and I’ve been taking photos of this building for many years and I think this building at sunset is just amazing. The second photo is of Amsterdam where you can see the original Dutch architecture and I do enjoy this view every time I go to Holland.

The big red anchor

Yes, it’s now in silhouette but just imagine it in a red color. The story behind this amazing anchor is amazing and I think it’s one of the most unique monuments here in Aruba. Our fore fathers were courageous seamen and we all have heard many seamen stories. I do have a friend that was lost at sea for a few days before they rescued him. Last year we met again at a party and he was telling me how the feeling of being lost at sea is and his story was just terrible. Thank God he made it but we still have Pau Martijn lost at sea and hope he can come back home safe.



Druif di Lama

This is how we locals call it but is the coccoloba uvifera known as the sea grape or bay grape. Basically all of the shaded section at Eagle beach is from this tree. The fruit ripens to a purplish and ready to eat at that color.