Aruba to me is …. Love for the stray animals

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My name is Teresa Romine-Korman and I’ve been visiting Aruba for 28 years. In those years, I’ve always tried to help the stray animals. Before there were any rescues, I fed as many as I could when visiting. Over the years, I’ve seen big changes for the better although there is still work to be done with educating spay and neuter responsibility and policing animal abuse. 

Last year, when I visited the island, the most adorable little puppy approached us on day one. The sweetie put his head in my lap and I fell in love. Little did I know that because of him, I would meet a brand new friend along with a few rescue personal, in person. I spent the best part of my first few days reaching out to different rescue/trapper groups to see if we could help this fella. I was not aware that another Renaissance owner (Steve) was doing the same thing.

I had reached out to Kathy of Animal Relief Foundation (ARF) before I left California to ask what they needed like toys, treats, blankets, etc…I went to various stores and filled a giant box of supplies that I checked as baggage. Although everything in the box was safe, unfortunately, customs opened it and took or lost a lot of the items. Nevertheless, I was still able to give Kathy a BIG bag of supplies. When she met me to pick up the supplies, she told me she was already talking to “Steve” about adopting the puppy (I named, Moses). I was jumping with joy when I heard that news.

The next day, I was talking to someone in the lobby of our resort. A young man overheard my conversation about the “puppy”. He came up to me and said, Steve is my father- in- law and he’s the one adopting the puppy. I asked him, if he could arrange for me to meet Steve. He replied: “He is sitting right over there.” He walked me over and introduced us. The buckets of tears began to flow from us both. He thanked me for helping him and I thanked him for opening his home up to this adorable soul. (Telling this story still makes me cry).

Steve and Scouts’ story.
Steve: “While vacationing in 2019 I would see this boy and as many as five other stray dogs looking for food and attention between West Deck, the Renaissance, and Lucy’s. In July 2019, this beach dog found me. I would get up before sunrise sit on the beach and watch the sunrise. He met me every morning, sat with me while I watched the sunrise and would then walk with me as I explored Oranjestad. Every morning I would have breakfast at the Dutch Pancake House. He just waited for me. Smart boy he knew I would have his morning breakfast. In just a short week he changed my mind about waiting to retire to adopt a dog. With the help of many special people I was able to rescue him. Kathy from ARF Aruba made it possible to help with the veterinary and boarding needs, and met me September 13th in Miami with Scout. Scout now lives in CT, everyone who hears his story says he is such a lucky boy, the truth is I’m the lucky one! He is a great companion and has brought me such joy. God has given me a beautiful soul!”

If you would like to know more about Teresa and her goal to help Aruba’s stray animals you can contact her through Facebook page: #ArubaRaffle2021 and asking to join the group or via email