Episode CLXXXV- 185: Aruba Natural Vitamins

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Etnia Nativa, through Island Insight, shares native cultural awareness, educates and safeguards Aruba’s heritage, and encourages readers to experiment with an island keeper state of mind. Live and discover the true destination values behind our beaches. Discover more reasons to love Aruba through this native cultural blog. In this episode, we share the notion of how this small destination can offer the perfect combination of sun and sea healing powers, which provide a unique mind-relaxing sensation in such a way that your first day at the beach will immediately decrease your stress levels to zero.

In Aruba, you will not only enjoy a well-deserved rest, but you will also be able to take advantage of the many benefits that sea water has to offer for one’s skin. How your body instinctively knows how to make the most of this situation: your skin, including your scalp, will improve its appearance due to the composition of seawater, and if you suffer from any condition, such as acne, you will notice a significant improvement after the first few baths in the sea, all with moderation, as with everything in life.
You will also have a very beneficial aggregate, which is sand, as an extra scrub to fully treat your skin. When you walk on the beach, without any effort, the dead skin will be eliminated and the roughness of the heels will disappear carefully and without force. You can also rub other parts of the body with sand, preferably wet, to remove dead skin or flaking. Take the opportunity to give yourself a soft massage.

Sea water is very beneficial because it contains vitamins, mineral salts, trace elements, and amino acids that promote skin regeneration. Elements such as zinc, iodine, potassium, sodium, fluoride, sulfur, or calcium help wound healing.
It stores microorganisms that produce antibiotics, antimicrobials, and antibacterial substances. For this reason, contact with salt water also has disinfectant properties.

The salt in the water has a healthy exfoliating effect, naturally removing dead and damaged skin and contributing to the cleaning of toxins and impurities that accumulate in the dermis. The minerals in seawater, such as magnesium, help hydrate and nourish the skin while having a restorative effect.

Despite the fact that the combination of seawater and sun favors the production of vitamin D, which is essential for the skin to have vitality and more elasticity, you must be careful with sun exposure because seawater does not protect you from sun damage but rather quite the opposite because, by reflecting radiation, it causes you to burn more easily.

However, the contrast of the seawater temperature and the impact of the waves on the body will immediately stimulate blood circulation.

If you have ever heard that life is tastier in the sea, it is true, but swimming in the sea is also more beneficial because you enjoy a totally sensory experience: you hear the waves, you feel the temperature, and you see the reflection of the sun in the water—details that allow a full connection with the water and nature itself.
Swimming in the sea is an exercise that requires a lot of concentration and coordination; therefore; it greatly improves motor skills while increasing memory function.
You will also burn many calories by practicing muscle work, much more than in any other exercise, increasing and toning the muscle mass of your body. The spine becomes more flexible, which aids in the elimination of back pain.

We encourage you to spend as much time as possible getting closer to nature, experiencing a true sense of freedom, and giving rise to a body relaxation that will distract your mind to the point where your only thought will be to return as many times as possible to enjoy the vitamins from Aruba!

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