Aruba Lions Club celebrating 75 years of existence

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This year, Aruba Lions Club is celebrating 75 years of existence. In connection with this great celebration, president of Aruba Lions Club, Mr. Rubin Ponson explained during a press conference what the plans are for this and gave information on Aruba Lions Club’s projects.

Since 1947, Aruba Lions Club is serving the community of Aruba helping those in need. For the celebration of 75 years, Aruba Lions Club is preparing various activities for its members.

Mr. Ponson explained that Aruba Lions Club is known for its social projects, and consists of members who serve the community through these projects, like Hospital Bed and Wheelchair, Smile Mobile, and Eye Sight, where they check the sight of schoolchildren, among many other projects.

During the pandemic, Ponson explained, it was difficult for the club to continue with these projects. “We had a difficult time when we couldn’t carry out the projects. Now we have started preparing again to start. We started scheduling some of the projects like Smile Mobile, Hospital Bed and Wheelchair, which are ongoing projects”, he said.

Even so, Ponson highlights, during the difficult times, Aruba Lions Club started other projects like Hunger Relief, with which they received more than one container of food to feed those who were going through difficulty during the pandemic. He mentioned that they delivered more than a thousand food packages in the community.

Ponson explained that for the celebration of 75 years of Aruba Lions Club, they are announcing a project to collect funds. “This is what allows Aruba Lions Club survive with its projects with which it serves the community. Without these funds, we cannot do anything”, he said.

Aruba Lions Club is known for their raffle, where the main prize is a house. But this year, the house raffle became a car raffle. Ponson explained that they focused in the modern times for this raffle, meaning they focused on electric vehicles.

The raffle will have five prizes: 5 – an electric vehicle for children; 4 – electric step; 3 – electric bike; 2- electric scooter; 1 – electric car, four doors, completely new, 100% electric with a range of 300km on the battery. The proceeds go 100% back to the community. The winners will be chosen on the 2nd of October.

Ponson explained that Aruba Lions Club will have its celebration with some international guests, who will come to celebrate some days and will conclude the celebrations with the car raffle. The raffle will take place during activities at Aruba Lions Club itself with music, food and drinks in order to celebrate.