Aruba leads as a country in the Caribbean with the highest vaccinations per 100 inhabitants

According to Aruba leads as a country in the Caribbean with the highest vaccines administered per 100 inhabitants.

Aruba’s recovery appears to be on the right track. Tourists are excited to travel again and are looking for a travel destination where a high percentage of their population has been vaccinated. A destination where they can be sure that the spread of the virus is limited or minimal. Aruba is now the island in the Caribbean with the highest number of people vaccinated per 100 inhabitants and ranks second in the world as the best vaccinated country. This is certainly reason enough to be proud as a country and also encourages those who have not yet received their vaccine to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The sooner we achieve collective immunity between 75% and 85% of the community, the sooner we can start restoring our tourism and economy. Since April 28, 2021, you do not have to wait for an appointment to receive your vaccine. Those who have not received their first vaccine can register on the Aruba Health App or at or  and just walk in to the vaccination site at the Santa Teresita Center or the Centro Libertador Betico Croes for their first vaccine. People who cannot register on an online platform can walk into the vaccination centers, register and receive their vaccine right away. For the second vaccine, it is important to get it on the scheduled date. So far, Aruba has reached 54% of its 18 and older target of being vaccinated and anyone over 18 who has not yet received their vaccine is encouraged to get their vaccine as soon as possible just by walking in, to register and get vaccinated and assist in the recovery process of our island.