Aruba Hospitality & Security Foundation organized Train-The-Trainer course for Security Leaders

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The Aruba Hospitality and Security Foundation offered an extensive 3-day complimentary Train-the-Trainer course to Security Leaders, Trainers, and Managers with security responsibilities within the private and public sectors.

The Train-the-Trainer course is based on the Israeli security model and teaches the managers how to prepare their teams to recognize threats before they take place.

According to the Chairman of the AH&SF, Dylan Molina, “as Aruba’s tourism continues to recover, it is important for the security teams to continue enhancing their skills so they can help prevent crimes. AH&SF is happy to offer this dedicated training program and to observe great participation”.

The Train-the-Trainer program was created and led by the American firm Chameleon Associates. Participants received training on how to train department team members in their respective organizations as well as how to conduct vulnerability and threat assessments. Participants received a certification at the end of the course following an examination. Certified Trainers are able to enroll their team members in the Chameleon Learning Management System (LMS), which hosts online courses and examinations on the topics covered during the program. Team members who pass the examination are issued a certificate of completion for “Proactive Security for the Hospitality Industry”. AH&SF thanks La Cabana for hosting the 3-day course.

The Aruba Hospitality & Security Foundation was founded by AHATA in collaboration with the Police Department in 2001, with the mission to support safety in the tourism zone. AH&SF projects are financed by the Aruba Tourism Authority, with funds generated by the tourism levy charged to tourists at accommodations.