Aruba enjoyed a beautiful Lighting Parade for Carnaval 69

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ORANJESTAD – Last Saturday, after 8pm, and after two years of absence, Aruba finally enjoyed its Grand Lighting Parade for Carnaval 69 in Oranjestad, with the participation of six groups and their accompanying bands to create a festive atmosphere

From Aruba Entertainment Center, passing through the Milo Croes avenue, Vondellaan, the Las Americas roundabout, L.G. Smith Boulevard and arriving at a roundabout, the six participating groups, Royal Carnival Group, TOB Carnival Group, Champagne Carnival Group, Empire Carnival Group, Los Laga Bai Carnival Group and Infinity Carnival Group proudly showed off their creativity with their different costumes full of color and light, to infuse the streets of Aruba with the atmosphere of Carnaval.