Aruba Dolphins delegation to participate in the XXXIX NACO Invitational

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This week, from 24th to 28th of November 2022, Delfines del NACO is organizing their 34th Invitational in Santo Domingo.

Team Aruba Dolphins had a very successful year in 2022, winning the title of Champion of Stingray Challenge, the Aruban Championship as well as winning the title of the Aruba Dolphins Invitational.

A delegation consisting of a total of 27 athletes of all categories of age will be taking part in the NACO Invitational. These athletes have been training rigorously in order to reach their goal and represent Aruba Dolphins in Santo Domingo.

Accompanying the athletes during their trip will be coach Luz Rodriguez and coach Marellys Robles de Medina.

The following athletes will be participating in NACO 2022:

Enzo Croes, Zivah Croes, Tristian Danje, Braynsley Dirksz, Chloë-Nicole Dirksz, Aliyah Estrada, Arvid Farro, Liv Farro, Bobby Gibson, Owen Houtman, Daan Keetlaer, Elizabeth Koolman, Maria Koolman, Aletta Pelger, Anna Pelger, Celine Robinson, Kailani Schwengle, Jayla Stuut, Cianna Tromp, Enrique van den Hengel, Hugo Vroegop, Olav Vroegop, Shandra Vrolijk, Amy Web, Zayron Werleman, Jayrick Winterdal and Jaythan Winterdal.

The board of Aruba Dolphins, the entire team of Aruba Dolphins and the entire family of Curason Blauw (Blue Heart) wishes the athletes success in Santo Domingo!