Aruba Celebrates National Anthem and Flag Day in Grand Fashion!

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On Monday, March 18th, Aruba celebrated its national day, National Hymn and Flag Day. With a shared love for Aruba and its patriotic symbols, various service groups and civil society held different activities to celebrate. As customary, people came out to enjoy the various organized activities around the island.

Activities began on Sunday evening with a cultural manifestation at Plaza Libertador Betico Croes where musical groups, dance groups, singers, and other artists delighted the audience with various cultural performances.

Monday morning, the activities started with the Protocol Act in front of Plaza Libertador Betico Croes where different organizations, foundations, and groups participated in the parade to represent their groups in front of His Excellency the Governor of Aruba, ministers, and the attending public.

From morning till night, from San Nicolas to Noord, there were a variety of events and activities for citizens to celebrate the national day and enjoy Aruba’s culture.

Congratulations, Aruba!