The National Social Development Fund CEDE Aruba: Happy to Give Back brings relief to those in need

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On April 9, 2020, CEDE Aruba launched its “Happy to Give Back” relief initiative in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought Aruba’s only economic pillar of tourism to a complete stop. CEDE Aruba has joined forces with several local influencers who are helping to support the cause.

The whole world has been deeply affected by COVID-19 and everyone everywhere is doing what they can to overcome these difficult times. We hope that you, reading this now, are well and safe. Aruba, known as ‘One happy Island’ and your ‘home away from home’ is unfortunately no exception. After the closing of our border, tourism has come to a complete halt (roughly 1.2 million visitors a year). As a result, thousands of people have already lost their jobs and many more will. According to projections (Standard and Poor’s), Aruba will be one of the most affected economies in the world.

The Initiative.
CEDE Aruba, established in 1986, is a local community foundation that supports many non-profits and volunteer projects on our island. With this #happytogiveback platform they now reach out to all friends of Aruba. “We know these are hard times for everyone. Yet, we also know how many people love our island and would like to return shortly. This is why we encourage you to make a small donation. All donations will support volunteer projects and initiatives that will benefit our shared love; Aruba. All donations go 100% to: Foodbanks & Vulnerable Groups who will fund local food banks and warm meals for Aruba’s vulnerable groups, especially the elderly, people in complete isolation, children, and the thousands of people in the local community who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19.”