Aruba Birdlife Conservation warns about “rock stacking” practice reaching Baby Beach

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Through a Facebook post, the organization Aruba Birdlife Conservation has raised an alarm about the phenomenon of “rock stacking” reaching the area of Baby Beach and warned about the dangers it poses, especially for children.

As known, “rock stacking” is not illegal in Aruba, but its impact on nature is harmful as the stones form part of the natural habitat of small animal species living in Aruba’s wilderness. Experts warn that “rock stacking” could even lead certain species to extinction.

In Aruba, much of the “rock stacking” also occurs near Arikok National Park. Although this activity is not illegal in Aruba, it may be time for park authorities to impose stricter regulations on this activity.

Tourists often believe that the meaning behind this activity is making a wish, but they do not realize its negative impact.

Aruba Birdlife Conservation’s post not only raises alarms about the activity but also now that this phenomenon has reached Baby Beach, some of the stacked stone towers are up to 1.7 meters high, which can be very dangerous, especially for children.