“Downtown Goes Orange” in connection with the celebration of King’s Day

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On April 18 during a press conference, Mary-Ann Falconi, General Manager of Impact Hub Aruba, together with Mr. Ivan Diaz, announced the event “Downtown Goes Orange which takes place on April 27th in connection with the celebration of King’s Day.

Falconi explained that once again, with partners in the Weststraat shopping area, they are organizing another event with the purpose revitalizing downtown Oranjestad.

“Downtown Reinvented,” Falconi says, is an initiative where partners work voluntarily, with a purpose larger than themselves, which contributes to the revitalization of downtown Oranjestad as a whole. “We are hopeful that not only here, but also other areas of Oranjestad can join in the initiative. This way we can come up with a lasting solution for this initiative,” she said.

She remembers when in November last year, the was the “Downtown Food & Art Festival”, which was the first edition of the initiative for “Downtown Reinventa”, with homeowners in the Weststraat coming together to bring a solution for Weststraat and through this, stimulate commerce and community through art and experience.

On April 27th, Impact Hub, along with its partners, are going to hold the event ‘Downtown Goes Orange’. This event, Falconi further explained, is the first in the series of events that will be organizing regularly—ideally each month—so that they can bring sustainable changes in the Weststraat area

During the event, there are going to be different kiosk stands with handcrafted art, different products, food, and different pop-up restaurants to help contribute to the phenomenal atmosphere of King’s Day.

Ivan Diaz, partner of Impact Hub Aruba, explained that there are going to be many musical acts as well, like DJ Caleto, the musical band Acustica and a new artist who will be making his debut at the event.

Finally, Falconi and Diaz have extended an invitation to the people and visitors of Aruba to pass by Weststraat in Down Town Oranjestad, starting from 7pm. Entrance is completely free, as to help with the initiative to revitalize the commercial area of Weststraat.