Art Week Aruba 2022: Greek muralist Insane 51

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SANNICOLAS/ARTFAIR2022: The word is out, Aruba is becoming the Art Centrum to be in, where all renowned muralist wants to exhibit their art pieces.

Aruba gathered the finest muralists from most part of the world and made the streets of San Nicolas in a want to see and want to be in, urban revolving out door Gallery.

ArtisA, the holding of all that happens with the murals and Aruba Art Fair is evolving, thinking in global happenings such as extinction of the species

Our artist for this week is INSANE 51:


Greek muralist based in Athens, one of the pioneers of 3D art.

For more than 15 years, this extraordinary artist has revolutionized the mural art work and is known for

his 3D street art, an art called “Double Exposure 3D”. Indeed, depending on the color of the light,

it will be one figure or another.

He has participated in various festivals in Europe and around the world.

Adept of photorealism and fine technician, Insane 51 adds a dose of complexity in his latest paintings,

creating through his anaglyph technique, an optical illusion.

Since 2019, Insane 51, takes a new step by inserting subliminal images, revealed exclusively by

wearing stereoscopic glasses.

Skillfully combining red and cyan, the artist superimposes several layers of paint to conceal a subliminal


We are super excited to see his new gigantic wall in San Nicolas.

Art Fair 2022, November 4.5.6, 2022, will be an explosion of Arts where more than 150 local and international artists will expose their arts, and more than 15 International Artists will leave their artistic mark on Aruba’s largest murals in the long NOT forgotten sunrise city San Nicolas, the Art Capital of the Caribbean, named by Forbes.

ArtisA in partnership with Aruba Tourism Authority Sui Generis invites you to follow us via www. or visit us at ArtisA Gallery in San Nicolas.