Arikok Park focusses on Happy Migratory Bird Day

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The Arikok National Park focused on the migratory birds last Saturday, may 9th. World Migratory Bird Day celebrates migratory birds and the actions you can take to help them.

The park’s goal is to sustainably conserve and manage a unique park as part of the natural and cultural heritage of Aruba for the benefit of today’s and future generations, educating and creating environmental awareness amongst citizens and guests. Birds are an essential part of the island’s nature. The World Migratory Bird Day gives away some useful tips: How can I make my garden bird friendly? What kinds of plastic can I give up and what are the alternatives? How can I learn about a birds’ migration routes and how can I support them along their way?

On Aruba, Ramsar Site Spaans Lagoen is one of the most important areas for breeding, feeding, resting and overwintering. It is of great importance to conserve, protect and restore these fragile habitats. World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated across the globe. In 2020, the focus is on the journeys of migratory birds, exploring the ways their migrations are being tracked, from geolocations and banding to feather studies and surveys, examining the threats they face along the way, and highlighting the communities on the ground that are working to protect them.

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