Archel Winklaar; “Tourism is sharing your Island”

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Archel Winklaar is going on 2 years working as a tour guide and bus drive for Chogogo Tours Aruba. Chogogo Tours Aruba provides a variety of services to both tourists and locals from island tours to beach hopping to transport and it’s all disabled friendly.

What Archel loves the most about his job is the fact that he can meet new people every day. “It’s not every day that you have the same thing to do. You always have a new conversation with the tourists and every day brings something different.”

In his opinion, when you show what Aruba has to offer, the reaction that it causes is what makes Aruba such a popular destination. Places like Ayo Rock Formation or Baby Beach, are things that gives the tourists a reaction that makes Aruba stand out. It’s what makes them keep coming back and “maybe they even go on the same tour again just because they love seeing what Aruba has to offer,” said Archel.

When asked what tourism means to Archel, his response was very heartfelt and sincere. Archel shared that to him, tourism means “promoting your island, letting people see what your island offers and telling the visitors about your island.”