Anglo Kleuterschool celebrates International Museum Day at local museum MANA

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The 18th of May is the International Museum Day. The goal of this day is to bring attention to the importance of museums as a method to bring community together, so that in cooperation we can mutually realize the cultural exchange that has taken place over the years, as well as to enrich our own cultures.

Museums have the power to transform the world by teaching us of our past and opening our minds to new ideas for the future.

On this important day, National Archeological Museum of Aruba (MANA) organized a beautiful event in which students of local kindergarten Anglo Kleuterschool went to visit. The Prime Minister and Minister of Culture of Aruba were both present at the event as well.

It is important to instruct our kids from a young age about the power in museums. This is also the theme of this year. “I spoke to them and explained to them that by coming to the museum, you learn more about yourself, you go through many adventures and expand your knowledge in the same way as when you travel,” said the Prime Minister.

It is very important to know our roots and know from where we come from starting at an early age. The students of Anglo Kleuterschool are kids of only 4 to 6 years old. At this age, they have a lot of interests and have a very big imagination; however their curiosity is much bigger. “I’m very happy that we were able to organize this event. I express my gratitude to Anglo Kleuterschool and SKOA for this opportunity and MANA for helping us with the organization of this beautiful event in celebration of museums. Congratulations to each person who contributed to this cause,” the Prime Minister concluded.

We encourage the community of Aruba in general as well as our esteemed visitors to visit our museums and stimulate our kids and each other to visit museums. “Stimulate kids to learn more about Aruba and stimulate their curiosity. Because this is the way they can grow to become intelligent and guide our country tomorrow.”