After two years, Department of Public Health stops Covid updates

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Covid is here to stay, and will continue transmitting from one person to another for a much longer period. This is why the advice to the community is to continue being aware and protect themselves and those around them who may be more vulnerable for Covid.

The vaccine plays a very important role in the process to control the pandemic, and the vaccine will continue playing an important role to keep the Covid cases low. In Aruba for a month already the Covid cases are stable, as is our medical care.

It is the opinion of the Department of Public Health (DVG) that it’s time to stop with the weekly updates as well, and to continue monitoring Covid internally, like any other infectious disease.

In case DVG begins observing an increase in the amount of Covid cases, as always DVG will alert and inform the community regarding any developments right away.

The advice to the community is to continue being careful and to take the vaccine.